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PACS (Public Address Control System), also knows as SMDS (Supervisory, Monitoring and Display Subsystem), incorporates computer control to the traditional PA Systems, which enables announcements to be made through computer terminals and it also provides automation of announcements and monitoring the announcement statuses.

PACS provides real time status of the PA (Public Address) system. These statuses include the current zones occupied by PA calls and PA Equipment’s status.

It is a system that controls the execution of voice announcements and provides visual monitoring of announcement zones, equipment status and the announcement status. PACS is fully configurable system which means it can be reconfigured to adapt to the changing environment with ease.

For our precious PACS project, it was developed on a web platform; hence the statuses can be viewed from any computers within the same network which is equipped with a compatible browser.

The Features of Public Address System

On-line Monitoring

Public Announce Equipment, Personal Computer, UPS, I/O, Zone and Redundancy.

Automatic Announcement

Fixed Message, Scheduler, Event Announcement and Touch Screen Announcement Panel.

Message Recording Stations

Record Voice Message, Tagging, Playback and Voice Editing.