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Introducing the Industrial Commputerisation and Automation System.

ICAS was established in 1995. The company has developed and implemented a quality Management system to demonstrate its ability to provide software development services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. This is also to ensure customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including continuous improvement and the prevention of non-conformity.

We provide complete turnkey solution for the Factory Automation, SCADA syatem, Process Comtrol Solution, Building Automation System, and various Monitoring and Control Systems. Our Vision is to be a global organisation providing one-stop computerised engineering and high value added integrated solution. The quality system complies with the latest International Standard ISO 9001 (2008).

Why choose us

Easy to Customize

Base on our experience with customized software installations in the Manufacturing Industries, International Airports, AS/RS Applications, Building Automation System, SCADA Packages and other special demands, we will be able assist any customer around the region to fulfil their demands. Our WMS concept is able to meet the warehouse operation requirements for production, multiple warehouse, spare part warehouse, 3rd party warehouse and also manage a user definable UOM, user definable currencies and personal user profile.

Cost Effective

With WMS, Customers will able to have a centralized view of their total inventory of their warehouse based on their items and locations using WMS. This advantage will retain the optimum amount of inventory and minimizing cost of warehousing.

Dedicated Support

We assist you at every stage of your business challenges. Providing you with increased software reliability enables you to achieve greater customer satisfaction. Phone support is available during normal business hours 9AM to 6PM (Monday to Friday).

We provide a complete turnkey solution for the Factory Automation, SCADA system, Process Control Solution, Building Automation System, and various Monitoring and Control Systems.

Features Overview

Warehouse Management System

Our customize WMS software is a system to control movement and storage of goods or materials within a warehouse.

Asset Management System

It allows you to easily monitor asset performance and reliability throughout the asset life cycle at procurement, daily usage, and disposal.

SCADA System

Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition is a flexible batch management system designed to model and automate the batch-oriented production processes.

Public Address Control System

PACS incorporates computer control to the traditional PA Systems, which enables announcements to be made through computer terminals.

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